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Our Holiday Favorites and Family Traditions

December 7, 2016

From our family to yours — Happy Holidays!

Sudara Bend Team

The Sudara goods item we recommend everyone gift this season:

  • The Inspire long sleeved shirt because, in addition to being super comfortable and a great fit, I love the reminder to look for inspiration. – Jill Rose, Customer Service and Wholesale
  • Dhana-print, I love our Rayon pants and wear this specific pair of pants all the time. Also, this pattern is small, wearable and super fun. The colors in these pants are very neutral and can be paired with any plain top and sweater. – Tessie Blake, Design/Merchandising
  • Bhara Full/Magic Elephant tee Holiday set because it looks great and everyone seems to love both of these items. — Reed Robinson, Merchandising
  • A robe, perfect weight and feel for every woman to wear and feel feminine and beautiful while also practical. – Ben Watson, Controller
  • The Inspire Tee, I have one and I am giving one to my mom and sister. It is so comfy, washes well, and the fit is so flattering. – Casey Cowan, Outreach + Promotions
  • Leather travel journal. ‘Cause it’s awesome. – Ryan Wood, Product Manager
  • Punjammies for everyone! Picked out specifically with each recipients personality in mind. – Dana Black, COO
  • The robes are a beautiful, and easy gift to give that is flattering on so many body types. I look forward to gifting a couple of these to my sisters this year! – Bernadette Scarborough, Customer Service
  • Punjammies! There are so many different styles that it’s easy to gift these to anyone! – Katie Maginnis, Administrative Assistant
  • Elephant Tees all around! And all Punjammies, so many beautiful patterns to choose from – Mina-print is my current favorite.  — Glenn Parrish, director of Impact & Culture, Sudara + executive director, Sudara Freedom Fund
  • Punjammies! and the elephant tees/tanks ! – Isabelle Colas, Impact & Culture Analyst Intern
  • A robe or tote bag– they are the perfect one size gift [especially if you don’t know the person’s size] that everyone will love!! – – Shannon Keith, founder + CEO
  • Handfelted animals — Logan Kihs, Warehouse Associate


Christmas traditions that we loved growing up:

  • Decorating the Christmas tree. – Reed Robinson
  • Carol rounds; Shopping for gifts; Baking cakes – John Rajah, director of India Operations
  • Cutting down our tree, decorating with carols and Sound of Music, of course! – Jill Rose
  • Making breakfast as a family after gifts are opened. — Logan Kihs
  • Shopping with family, Decorating the house and setting up the Christmas tree.  – Jennifer Rajah, Office Manager, India
  • Kids sitting on the stairs, unable to see the Christmas tree, forbidden from coming downstairs until my dad, and now I, check to see if Santa came, whether he ate the cookies and the reindeer ate the carrots we left them, and then photo of kids on stairs.  THEN being released to come down the stairs.  My kids are now 19 and 18, rolling their eyes at me.  🙂 – Shannon Mara, CFO
  • When I was a kid my cousins and I all had matching Christmas pajamas that my grandmother made. I still love looking at all the matching family photos with all the kids together. – Tessie Blake
  • On Christmas Eve day we all go to my sister’s house in our pajamas and have a Christmas movie marathon while laying on nests made of sleeping bags and blankets in her basement (see attached picture). Everyone gets to choose one movie (popular favorites include White Christmas, Gremlins, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and Edward Scissor Hands) and one junk food request to share and eat throughout the day. – Casey Cowan
  • Going to church on Christmas Eve and coming home and having homemade tamales- a traditional Mexican holiday food – Shannon Keith
  • As a child our entire family, Grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles would go to my Sorenson grandparents home on Christmas Eve. After a dinner of oyster stew, potato sausage and Lutefisk Traditional Swedish dishes, Grandma would play the piano as we all sang Christmas songs. To our amazement, every year at this time there would be a knock on the door and in would come Santa with a huge bag of presents, one gift for every child. Santa would join hands with the kids in a circle and we would dance and sing to Jingle Bells while Grandma played it on the piano. The tradition continued at parents home while my children were young, only without the Lutefisk, yuck!  Grandma can’t play the piano anymore at 98, but she can still sing along. – Dana Black, COO
  • My big sister would always wake me up in the middle of the night Christmas eve, and we would sneak down the hall to peek at the tree all lit up with presents underneath. No idea if my mom knew about this or not (she probably did), but it always felt magical and secret to me! We would also go listen to the holiday Vespers concert in my hometown, and I loved hearing so many beautiful choir voices singing Christmas carols, as well as the powerful sound of the pipe organ! On the way home from vespers, we would drive around town and look at everyone’s Christmas lights. – Katie Maginnis
  • My sister Jodie and I made our parents play “Santa” and put most of the presents out Christmas Eve after we went to be well beyond the time when we believed in a literal Santa. We loved waking up to the magic of all that abundance aka: loot 🙂 — Glenn Parrish
  • My parents are divorced so ever since I was younger I celebrated Christmas in two different homes in Miami. My Christmas mornings would usually start off with my two brothers, dad, stepmother and I opening Christmas presents. Several years ago my dad randomly began recording us opening our presents and it kind of became a tradition every since then. Once all our presents are opened we would have a traditional Jamaican breakfast at my stepmother’s sister’s house. In the afternoon my brother and I would go to our aunt’s house (on our mom’s side) and open our sets of presents and later enjoy dinner and family bonding. We usually find a game to play like secret santa. My mom’s side of the family is really big so it gets pretty loud, so its really funny when we play games together.   The best part of these Christmas traditions is  I get to see my family together happy and just enjoying each others company. – Isabelle Colas


Christmas Traditions that we are creating with our own family:

  • Lighting Hanukkah candles, Hanukkah dinner with 2 other families, and a reading of Mensch on a Bench. – Shannon Mara
  • Reading aloud the Christmas story from Luke chapter 2. – Reed Robinson
  • Going to Church, worshiping the Lord and thanking Him for His greatest gift to mankind–Salvation through Jesus Christ. – John Rajah
  • Cutting down our own tree, 1 gift on Christmas eve – Ben Watson
    church with our bffs on xmas eve and then an Indian dinner after that, adults at one table, and kids still giggling together at the kids’ table, despite how grown up they’ve all become. – Jill Rose
  • I am in a transitional period in life. So, I don’t have any of my own but someday I would like to make anyone in my family matching Christmas pajamas and take awkward family photos all together. – Tessie Blake
  • Seeing the Nutcracker Ballet! It was something I did every year growing up (the music immediately puts me in the holiday spirit) and want to carry over to my Bend family. – Casey Cowan
  • Chopping down our tree in the beautiful OR forest, and making crepes on Christmas Eve morning. – Shannon Keith
  • Once the girls were past the toy phase, we began to give experience gifts and encouraged the grandparents to do this as well. We have left many an early Christmas morning for a wonderful tropical vacations. The best memory was the look on the girls faces after a long day of travel to Mexico and they found their stockings by the backyard fireplace of the house we were staying. The stockings were filled with Mexican candies and toys. – Dana Black
  • Decorating the Christmas tree with my boys is always something I look forward to, and I always insist on having a big Christmas breakfast with my husband and our boys, as well as any family or friends that want to join. Bacon is always involved! – Bernadette Scarborough
  • Chopping down our own tree in the forest! Didn’t do that until I moved to Bend! – Katie Maginnis
  • We have a small Christmas Eve dinner with the grandparents. It feels like holy night, a very peaceful time with food and family, candles lit and Christmas music playing and the great anticipation of a coming good…and we still play “Santa” for our boys. — Glenn Parrish
  • I don’t have my own family just yet, but the Christmas games just started about 2 years ago, and everyone looks forward to them now. – Isabelle Colas
  • Midnight service in Church, Meeting cousins and relatives for Christmas lunch and dinner.  – Jennifer Rajah

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