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Friday Finds 9.25.15

September 25, 2015

Just a few of the things we’re reading, watching, loving, and finding on the interwebs lately.

{image via ©Paula Watts Photography}

This New York Times article on Kickstarter focusing its mission on altruism over profit. You can also watch a CNN video interview of the Kickstarter CEO here.  Did you know that Sudara is a b-corp too? It’s true! And, we’re pretty darn excited to see more organizations that ‘get it’.

ICYMI: This week, we shared two stories of the brave and beautiful women who have sewn together PUNJAMMIES™.  Read their stories here.

Geek chic was all over the runways this week and is slated to be the next big thing in fashion.  We’re not sure if we love it or just wish it was cool when we were in school. What are your thoughts? #geeksunited

Webcast, telescope, binoculars, good-old-fashioned looking up at the sky — how are you watching the supermoon lunar eclipse this weekend?

The entire Instagram feed of Tiny Atlas Quarterly. Every image has us saying, “I want to go to there.” You’re following us on Instagram too, yes? Find us here. We won’t post selfies. Pinky promise.

Speaking of Instagram, this article on what happens behind the photos. It’s a good reminder that life is not always as perfect as it may seem when scrolling through someone’s feed.

This post makes us want to have a movie night party tonight with our best girl friends, favorite snacks, and pretty PUNJAMMIES™.

This post on the 10 ways to give your kids’ playspace some style without sacrificing the fun. Are we the only home that looks like Hurricane Kids? We’re taking lots of notes.

Chipotle Apple Sweet Potato Salad is going on our dinner menu this week. Because we need all the fall flavors in our life right now.

And, we’re going to balance out that salad with some Mini Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Skillet Cookies. We like her logic, “while one is good, two is better.”


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