Dallas, TX – Our Favorite Things to Do, See, Eat & Sip

June 8, 2016

This summer, our Sudara Travel series is focused on the cities that our small (but mighty!) team calls home.  If you’re looking for travel recommendations or a new city to explore in your Sudara goods, these are a few of our favorite things to do, see, eat and sip across the U.S. and India.  This week, we’re talking with our stylist and graphic designer, Liana Wood, and product manager, Ryan Wood, about Dallas!

Dallas Skyline // Photo via Joseph Haubert @whateveryouare

Dallas Skyline // Photo via Joseph Haubert @whateveryouare

Five words to describe Dallas:
  1. young
  2. bougie
  3. busy
  4. fit
  5. and sparkly 😉
Three reasons to visit:
  1. the food
  2. the diversity
  3. the skyline
One thing people may be surprised to learn about Dallas:
Dallas offers the most restaurants per capita in the US. Not that it’s a huge brag, but there is definitely no shortage of independently owned foodie deliciousness in this city!
Favorite place(s) for coffee:
So many local coffee shops. We love Mudsmith coffee, probably because it’s in our favorite part of the city.
Favorite place(s) for breakfast/brunch:
Brunch is HUGE here! Our fav is Breadwinners Cafe.
Klyde Warren Park // Photo by @lianacristina

Klyde Warren Park // Photo by @lianacristina

Favorite place(s) for lunch:
A small little Italian market and bakery called Eatzi’s. It’s walking distance from the office AND Ms. V brews the best sweet tea!
Favorite food truck(s):
We actually haven’t eaten at any food trucks here! But on any given summer night, you can find them parked all around Klyde Warren Park.
Favorite place(s) for a casual dinner:

Eureka in uptown is where we frequent most for casual dinners. They’re mostly farm-to-table and have a bajillion craft beers on tap. Okay, like 40. 😉

Bishop Arts district // Photo by @lianacristina

Favorite place(s) for lunch/dinner with a view:
There is no shortage of rooftop bars and restaurants, given that Dallas has one of the most beautiful city views. HGSply Co. on the east side and the soda bar at the NYLO on the south side are some local favorites.
Favorite place(s) for drinks:
  • If we feel like getting a little fancy, we head over to The Standard Pour in uptown. It’s kind of dark, moody, and old fashioned. They have some top-notch craft cocktails.
  • Our personal vibe is pretty casual though, and you’ll most likely find us in our sneakers at The Truck Yard in the summer. A beer garden that is made up of recycled truck/junk yard parts as decor and seating. Sounds super redneck, but we promise the cool kids go there. And it’s awesome.
Favorite place for live music:
Kyle Warren Park. They put on so many free summer music nights. Surrounding the park are food trucks, beer stands, and play sets for kids. Bring a blanket and some lawn chairs and it’s a perfect night outside!
Favorite place for a good workout:
There’s a beautiful paved path that runs through the middle of the city called Katy Trail. At any given time of day, the path is full of runners, bikers, strollers, and roller-bladers. The best thing to do is stuff your ID and some cash in your workout gear and hit up Katy Trail Ice House (which sits along the path) for some brews mid-workout. So counterproductive, and so, so right.
Favorite things to do/must visit places:
  • There are endless things for visitors to do in Dallas. We would recommend visiting all the neighborhoods to see the diversity of the city. Deep Ellum for the grungy art and the farmers market. Bishop Arts district for those that want to browse small shops and local creative work. Trinity Groves for an endless variety of food and drink. Uptown for drinks and nightlife. Highland Park to get a glimpse of how the posh live their daily lives. Lower Greenville (our fav) for the east-Dallas casual folk.
  • Then we’d tell you to take a tour of the 6th Floor Museum where President Kennedy was assassinated. Come in September/October for amazing weather and the state fair. Lastly, SHOP. Because Dallas is just fabulous for that – fashionistas everywhere!
  • And, of course, Ryan will want to take you on a bass fishing expedition along Turtle Creek and all around White Rock Lake. 😉
Ryan and his catch of the day at White Rock Lake! // Photo via @ryrwood

Ryan and his catch of the day at White Rock Lake! // Photo via @ryrwood

3 cheers for the Lone Star State!


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