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We Are Sudara

We Are Sudara

We’ve been asking ourselves how we can help…

March 13, 2020

All of us here at Sudara have been closely tracking coronavirus (COVID-19). There is a lot of information out there about this pandemic – so much that it can be difficult to know what to subscribe to, and what to do. First, we need to…

We Are Sudara

2020: Year of the Woman

January 22, 2020

What makes 2020 “The Year of the Woman?” Is it the incremental gains made by women in many countries around the world? In the United States, is it the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage, the galvanization of women to march in 2017, the ratification…

We Are Sudara

Sudara is moving (coming) to India!

March 29, 2019

We cannot make this move without your help and participation. With our hearts full of gratitude, we thank you all for your purchases and donations which help in funding this great move.…

We Are Sudara

We’re moving! A note from our executive director

March 22, 2019

Sudara made a BIG announcement last week about the need to move its operations to India. Since then, so many of you have helped fund this move through your purchases and sharing Sudara's mission. We are deeply grateful for your support.…