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Sudara Travels: Day Three in India

February 12, 2016

Our team is gathering in India to spend time with our partner sewing centers and the women who make PUNJAMMIES®, discuss new opportunities and ways to empower even more women, and to photograph our Spring/Summer 2016 line. Follow along as we share what’s happening,…

India We Are Sudara

There is Hope: Chennai

December 9, 2015

As an update to our previous Facebook posts, members of the Sudara team are now working on the ground in Chennai to facilitate relief work.  Everyone in the sewing centers is safe, but the home of our director of India Operations was flooded. (He took all…


Rise and Chai – with Paula Watts Photography

August 28, 2015

This is such a treat. Paula Watts is an NGO Photographer and longtime friend of Sudara. She just returned to the States after almost 3 years in India. Today, we’ll be sharing just a few of the images she captured travelling throughout India and have…