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Local Loves: Favorite Spots from Portland, OR

January 18, 2018

Hello! My name is Amelia, and I run the Instagram account @styledportland. I’ve teamed up with Sudara to share my favorite local spots in Portland, Oregon! There’s so much to see and do in this city, it’s hard to fit it all in one trip. I hope this little guide can help you explore it better!

Pip’s Original Doughnuts

Photo taken by Jyssica Yelas

Located deep in Northeast Portland are some of the best and cutest little doughnuts in town. As you wait in line to order, you get to watch the magic of how these delicious bites of heaven are made. Very fresh and very satisfying. The shops around this location are really great as well! You can get some doughnuts and spend some time window shopping around the area. Pip’s can get quite busy so get here on a weekday or plan to wait in line. Also, you can get a free dozen on your birthday!





Northwest 21st

Everyone is usually told to go to NW 23rd Street where a lot of big shops are located, such as Urban Outfitters, Levis, Lush, and many more. However one of the real gems is NW 21st Street! There are movie theaters, bakeries, fun bars like Mbar, which is Portland’s smallest bar (coffee place by day), and my favorite sushi place in town, San Sai! Great sushi and at an insanely cheap price. We got enough food for three people and it was about $20! This mural was against the back of the building San Sai resides.

Photo taken by Dylan Hatcher



Photo taken by Alyssa Villmann

One of the hottest up and coming places in Portland has been Division street. This area is home to some of Portland’s best restaurants, shops, coffee, and art! I had some of the best Italian food at Ava Gene’s off 34th and Division. Places I would visit here would be:

Artifact– A rad resale shop with quirky and unique items at a reasonable price.
Good Coffee– Fancy Portland coffee shop with incredible aesthetic

Bollywood Theatre– Delicious Indian restaurant with a fun outdoor seating area.

Village Merchants– One of the thrift store in Portland that actually has thrift store prices.





Powell Butte Park

This park is located a bit East of Portland, but it’s worth the drive! This is an extinct cinder cone volcano. There are nice long nature walks throughout it that makes you feel like you are completely out of the city! Lots of great views, easy hikes, and a beautiful nature center to tell you about the area!

Photo taken by Alyssa Villmann


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