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Sudara’s Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite days of the year. From the games to the memories, and of course the food we love practicing gratitude and celebrating our friends, family, and love on this special occasion.

Hear from members of the Sudara Team about our favorite traditions and how we like to spend our Turkey Day.


Sudara: What are your most cherished Thanksgiving traditions?

Gayle, Human Resources Manager: “Getting up early before anyone else to enjoy a cup of coffee, the quietness of the morning, and read all of the newspaper sale advertisements.”

Erika, Brand Manager:“Participating in a race or going for a long run Thanksgiving morning and watching football. Making (and eating) Turkey Gumbo the day after has become a tradition that I look forward to each year!”

Jill, Wholesale Manager: “For years we have gone to my in-laws.  We spend the day lounging, taking a hike and then enjoying our Thanksgiving meal together.  It is also the one day of the year I knit.  The day after, we always drive into the mountains and cut down our Christmas tree, while sledding and play in the first snow.”


Kelli, Web + Merchandise Analyst: “After Thanksgiving dinner, our family spends the holiday on the mountain slashing powder, eating candy on chair rides, and plowing over freshly made snowmen!”

 Sudara: Describe your favorite Thanksgiving memory.

Tessie, Designer: “For years, My Grandma Jane has set up a little Christmas village in her dining room. After Thanksgiving dinner, all of the cousins help her put it together and get all of the details just right. We add more and more buildings every year and soon it will be so big it will need to move to a new location.” 

Erika, Brand Manager: “Having my extended family visit when I lived in Chicago and cooking Thanksgiving dinner for them. It was a small apartment, but I loved having everyone in one place…even if it was very crowded!”

Shannon, CEO+ Founder: “In 2006 hosting our first Thanksgiving at our new house in Bend, with newborn twins.  I felt like a real grown-up :)”






Katie, Office Manager: “Enjoying an amazing Thanksgiving dinner I made with friends at Joshua Tree National Park… climbing bum style. Please notice the hand sanitizer in the corner of our feast, we are so lucky we didn’t all get food poisoning!”

Casey, Communications: “My family rents a beach house for Thanksgiving, we spend the day reading and lounging on the beach before we go inside to make a huge meal. One of my favorite memories is holding a bocci ball tournament each year before we start cooking, the rivalries (and bragging rights) get pretty intense.”


Sudara: Name your favorite Thanksgiving food.

Gayle: “ Cranberry, sausage stuffing!” 

Erika: “Candied Yams. No marshmallows. Ever.”

Shannon: “Smoked Turkey and pecan pie…. and my mom’s family jello recipe!”

Jill: “It’s all about the stuffing!”

Tessie: “Creamed corn. I can’t lie…it’s my favorite!”



Wishing you lots of joy and gratitude this November. In the words of American author William Arthur Ward,

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”

Share your favorite traditions with us here or tag us online @sudaragoods. Cheers!

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