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Holiday Meals and a Favorite Plum Cake Recipe

Many of our team members love to cook or bake, especially for family and friends during the holidays.  And, we all love to eat! 🙂  Here are a few of our favorite holiday treats and meals as well as the things and people that make this season one of our favorites. We’re also sharing a recipe for Plum Cake — a traditional Indian holiday dessert and a Christmas favorite of our team members in Chennai.  We hope your holidays are merry and bright and surrounded by those you love!

Favorite holiday cookie or food:

  • Sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles.  Warm and slightly under-baked. — Reed Robinson, Merchandising
  • Plum cake with icing. — John Rajah, director of India Operations
  • Toffee — Ben Watson, Controller
  • Xmas cookies and bailey and cocoa — Jill Rose, Customer Service + Wholesale
  • My favorite Christmas treat used to be this sweet bread that my Grandma would buy for Christmas morning called Chris Kringle Bread. —  Tessie Blake, Design/Merchandising
  • Orange glazed cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning — Casey Cowan, Outreach + Promotions
  • Honey glazed ham — Ryan Wood, Product Manager
  • Tamales on Christmas eve. Also, homemade egg-nog with eggs from our chickens, raw cream, and rye whiskey! — Bernadette Scarborough, Customer Service
  • Spritz and Pecan Sandies — Dana Black, COO
  • My grandmother always had Andes mints out in a glass dish for Christmas, and I still associate them with the holidays 🙂 — Katie Maginnis, Administrative Assistant
  • See’s candy! — Glenn Parrish, Director of Impact & Culture, Sudara Inc. and Executive Director, Sudara Freedom Fund
  • This may not necessarily be a Christmas or holiday food per say but just traditional Haitian food, I only get to have my grandmother’s food once a year 🙂 and it’s usually during Christmas time. — Isabelle Colas, Impact & Culture Analyst Intern
  • Plum cakes — Jennifer Rajah, Office Manager, India
  • Homemade English toffee — Shannon Keith, founder + CEO

It would not be Christmas without:

  • Family gatherings. — Reed Robinson
  • Turkey and plum cakes — John Rajah
  • Cringle pastry, stockings, fire, love — Ben Watson
  • Aunt Jackie’s Christmas cookies and the Sound of Music — Jill Rose
  • A crackling fireplace and the record player in the background. — Tessie Blake
  • My Dad reading a Cajun Night Before Christmas in his best accent. — Casey Cowan
  • Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer — Ryan Wood
  • Baking a birthday cake for Jesus and eating it [with coffee of course] after opening presents on Christmas morning. — Shannon Keith
  • My husband & our boys — Bernadette Scarborough,
  • Watching the movie It’s a Wonderful Life — Katie Maginnis
  • The wild, unexpected, rescuing love of God made real in the form of a baby. And family, friends, food, drink and music. Oh, and a real tree 🙂 — Glenn Parrish
  • Definitely family.  —  Isabelle Colas, Impact & Culture Analyst Intern
  • Carol rounds,  giving Christmas cakes and sweets to the neighbours. — Jennifer Rajah

Kerala Plum Cake


Kerala Plum Cake

via Elephants and the Coconut Trees
1 1/4 Cup all purpose flour
1/2 Cup (1 stick) butter, room temperature
3 eggs (if large eggs, then use 2)
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 Cup + 3 teaspoons sugar
1 Cup raisins (black raisin, white raisin and few candied cherries cut into pieces)
4 to 5 piece candied orange peel/orange rinds, finely chopped
1/2 Cup cashew nuts, broken into pieces
Spice powder-optional(cloves -1-2 , cinnamon-1 small stick , dry ginger- a very small, tiny piece, cardamom -1, nutmeg- a small pinch. Make a powder of all this)
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 to 1 Cup boiling water (if the raisins are really dry it will absorb more water so add water accordingly)

1. Caramelize sugar. Take an old pan 🙂 Heat it and put three tsps of sugar ( plus a little more depending on the color u want) in the center of the pan. Reduce flame to medium low .Do not touch the pan or stir the sugar.Keep a close eye and you will see that the sugar is melting when all the sugar has completely melted (not even one speck of white sugar o.k:)) pour the boiling water into it and switch off flame.See notes.Mix the sugar and water well bring it back to boil and put the nuts and raisins only in this.let it cook in this for 5 minutes on low flame or until they are tender .Let it cool down. (The idea is to cook the dry fruits gently cooked until just soft and be left with few tsps of caramelized water to color the cake )

2. Keep 3 tbsp of flour aside and in the rest of the flour mix the baking powder and spice powder (if you are adding)

3. Beat the butter and sugar till fluffy then add eggs one by one and beat well. Add vanilla too. Now slowly fold in the flour mixture to it without mixing too much. Pour the caramelized sugar water to get the brownish color.

4. To the soaked raisins and nuts add the 3 tbsp flour we had kept aside and mix well and the orange peel and cherry. This dusting is done to save the fruits and nuts from sinking to the bottom of the cake while baking.

5. Add it to the cake mixture and fold gently.Pour the batter into the greased baking pan and level the top.

6. Bake in a preheated oven at 350 ° F for about 45 to 55 minutes. Until the toothpick /skewer comes out clean. The cake top is dark brown in color .

Slice it only when completely cool, don’t take chance as it will crumble!  Please see Elephants and the Coconut Trees post for additional notes!

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