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Izzie in Black Spiral from the Root Collective
Style World-Changing Friends

Kick-up Your Heels for World-Changing Shoes

We love seeing photos of PUNJAMMIES® fans wearing their favorite loungewear at brunch with girlfriends, in the school pick-up line, and traveling the world. If you’re looking for cute shoes to wear with your loungewear pants or capris, here’s a few brands that are making a positive…

Color Inspiration for Sudara Loungewear
At Home Style

The Colors to Inspire Your Summer

Our PUNJAMMIES® prints are inspired by the beauty, colors and textures seen throughout the local culture of India.  Here are a few of the (many!) moments that were captured on our recent trip there. And, the colors that are continuing to inspire us this summer.  For even more…

Style World-Changing Friends

World-Changing Bags We Cannot Live Without

If we’re relaxing at home, you can bet that we’re wearing our favorite pair of PUNJAMMIES®.  When we are running errands, shopping at the local market or drinking coffee with girlfriends, though, we also have one of these bags with us.  We love supporting ethical brands…


The Bengal Bangle Cuff

Artisanry. Handicrafting. Handmade.  These titles are often used to describe our new Bengal Bangle Cuff.  We’d also like to add three words: Goes. With. Everything.  These cuffs are created in Delhi, India and begin as a mixed metal alloy that includes brass and aluminium. This metal alloy is formed into sheets…