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Casey Cowan

World-Changing Friends

Brands We Love: The Soular Backpack

We were recently able to chat with Salima Visram, the entrepreneur behind the company that creates Soular’s backpacks.  These backpacks are equipped with solar panels which allow children who don’t have access to electricity in rural parts of Africa to study at night without…

We Are Sudara

Sudara’s Dog Days of Summer

The Sudara team loves their canine friends! Our US headquarters are in Bend, Oregon, which has one of the highest per capita dog populations anywhere in the world; 49 percent of the region’s residents own a dog. In fact, Dog Fancy magazine claimed Bend…

India We Are Sudara

Sudara + Freeset: Turning Business Upside Down

Sudara is in the business of creating freedom jobs. Our partner centers in India provide wages for women that are, on average, double the fair-trade baseline for their work. The women also have access to job training and placement services that afford them the…